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Beef Fillet

Lean and delicious to the point of melting in your mouth. It's the most tender cut of beef, and it comes from the loin. Long cooking durations are unnecessary because the meat is already quite soft. It can be cooked quickly at a high level of heat. Grilling, broiling, roasting, and pan-frying are just a few methods for preparing it.

Beef Regular Mince

Our regular beef mince is freshly ground in a meat grinder. It's a go-to ingredient for a variety of meals. We recommend it for kebabs and meat balls.

Beef Top Rump

Top Rump is obtained from the hindquarter. It’s a lean cut that is ideal for roasting and quicker cooking methods.


Beef High Grade

This is a more tender cut of beef obtained from the animal's hindquarters, between the rump and the leg.

It's ideal for roasting, grilling and similar cooking methods since it is leaner and more tender than the regular cut of topside.

Beef Ossobuco

A flavorful cut from the leg that is sold bone-in. It's ideal in a rich, flavorful stew since it thickens the sauce on its own.

Beef Lean Mince

Our lean beef mince is full of flavors. From Indian keema to dry keema and samosas. It is one of the most multipurpose meat ingredients you can use in the kitchen.

Beef Hump/Nundu

The beef hump is a marbled, boneless cut, sourced from the muscle close to the neck of a humped cattle breed. Recommended for barbequing.


Beef Ox-tail

Oxtail is a popular delicacy that comes from the tail of the cow. It's commonly stewed or braised, releasing delicious flavors.

Beef Top Side

Beef Topside is obtained from the animal's hindquarters, between the rump and the leg. It’s a large, lean cut. The topside muscle is ideal for roasting since it is both lean and tender.

Beef T-bone Steak

Combines the softness of fillets with the flavor of sirloin, connected by a T-shaped bone. Ideal for barbequing, grilling or roasting.

Beef Silver Side

Beef Silverside is obtained from the animal's hindquarters, between the rump and the leg. It’s a large, lean, boneless cut of beef with a coarse grain texture. It's typically used to roast joints, stir fry steaks, or dice.


Beef Rib Eye (Bone-In)

Rib-eye steaks are made from the primal cut of the beef rib. They're full of flavor and marbling, juicy, and tender, with just the perfect amount of fat. The most appetizing results come from quick cooking methods that use high heat and is ideal for sizzling in a hot pan, on the grill, or on the BBQ.

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