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Beef Bones (per Kg)
Beef femurs, shanks, humerus, and other types of bones sawed to sizes requested by our customers.

Beef bones are a great source of minerals, especially when prepped as broth!
Beef Chuck on the Bone

Beef chuck is the primal that comes mainly from the shoulder part of the carcass. It extends to the ribs, upper arm, and neck, however, it is comparatively tougher and chewy –(compared to other adjustment primals)

We recommend Stewing it, over slow heat to tenderize as well as retain its moisture. 

Beef High Grade Top Side

The topside primal is cut from the inside part of the hind legs. It is the part between the silverside and the thick flank.

Please note that it is extremely lean.

We recommend low and slow cooking it, preferably well diced.
Beef Hump/Nundu

The beef hump is a marbled, boneless cut, sourced from the muscle close to the neck of a humped cattle breed. Saber humps are well-marbled and beefy in taste.

We think you trying it out.

We recommend slow-cooking it, however, due to the marbling, it can also handle high temperatures preparation methods.
Beef Lean Mince

Our lean mince beef, from locally sourced beef, is 100% steak meat, full of flavors. We source our beef from farms we’ve vetted for our premium quality standards.

Our lean mince is a classic base to numerous dishes, whatever the cuisine. From Indian Keema to kebabs and burgers. It is one of the most versatile meat ingredients you can use in the kitchen.

We recommend you having fun trying it out, your way.

Fat content is below 10%.
Beef Meat-on-Bone

Beef meat sold with some or all the bones in the cut or ordered portion.

We recommend trying out stews, stock, and Soup recipes with meat-in-bone cuts.

Beef Ossobuco

Osso buco is primarily a veal shank cross-cut. Saber’s osso buco is crosswise cut, about ¾ inches thick.

We source keenly and focus on quality.

We recommend considering it for make-ahead savory recipes, preferably slow cooking it.

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