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Beef Ox-tail

Oxtails are cuts sourced from the base of the spine of a carcass.

We sell it jointed, cut by the individual bone (vertebrae), the last 2-3 bones removed.

Oxtails are robustly flavorful, bear a great texture, and best for rich sauces.

We recommend slow cooking for the best results.

Beef Regular Mince

Our regular ground beef is meat-grinder ground. It is also ground to order. 

Our regular mince is a classic base for numerous dishes or a starting point for your creations. We recommend burger patties or spaghetti Bolognese.

Fat content is about 20%.

Beef Rib Eye

A cut of the prime rib roast, right above rib primal. It is the boneless meat between ribs, basically. 

Ribeyes are one of the best steaks we have on a beef carcass.

We recommend grilling or broiling as a cooking method. 

Beef Rump Steak

This is a steak cut from the rump of beef.

It is a Primal between sirloin and topside, a boneless five-muscled primal that divides the leg and chine cut by and through the aitchbone.

Simply, it is from the backside of a cow; a hard-worked muscle, making it firmer in texture compared to other Primals.

If you favor flavor above all else when deciding on a steak, rump steaks are your best bet. Perfect for grilling.

Beef Silver Side Steak

Silverside primal cut comes from the hindquarter of the carcass, along the seam between the topside and the thick flank.

The best way of describing it; it is comparatively tougher and requires more time during cooking to achieve tenderness.

We recommend pot or oven roasting on low heat for longer.
Beef Sirloin Steak

The sirloin steak is a cut of the sirloin primal. It is part of the rear back portion of the cattle. You can get the top and bottom sirloins, the latter being more tender.

Sirloins are leaner and less tender compared to other cuts from the same animal region such as the ribeye but still come out juicy and flavorful, especially when pan-seared or grilled.

Beef T-bone Steak

Fillets are fundamentally muscles hardly used by the animal it is cut from. Beef fillet cuts come from the lower middle of the hind part of a carcass.

It is equally a lean muscle, meaning it wouldn’t be the first choice if your primary choice is flavor.

Saber’s fillets are cut-to-order, meaning we work with the thickness you desire for your next recipe.

We recommend beef fillets if you are looking to grill or pan-fry.

Beef Top Rump

Top rumps are sourced from the rear of a cow. It is a very lean cut.

Butchers prefer selling it barded; (leaving a thin fat layer on the edges)

You can buy it as a boneless joint as well as a frying steak(not common).

For best results, especially on flavor and juiciness, roast at high temperatures, quickly.

Serve as rare.
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